Eric Butts is FULL of passion and energy and that is clearly apparent in his songwriting and performances! He loves life, loves living it and wants to help you love it too! A man full of emotion and passion always on display coupled with massive amounts of high energy! A man not afraid to act a fool or look foolish. If something makes him happy and doesn’t hurt anyone, he will never feel shame or guilt for enjoying it! Case in point, his viral video fame from 2019 when he cried tears of joy over a Star Wars trailer making him a meme (a fact he’s proud of as it’s not an accomplishment many achieve) and gaining him a YouTube following of over 50,000 subscribers! That passion, love and desire to help you feel that joy as well clearly shines through in his music and certainly on his 20th anniversary EP release (the first official release) of “SIX”, led by the bouncy single “Girl”! Lyric videos, acoustic performances, physical CDs, merch and more are all on they way as this release hopes to prime an audience for the upcoming brand new EP in March! As always, all of the music is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Butts with the occasional help of his father hitting record on the drum tracks! Eric even makes his own cover art and videos! Oh..and good luck getting his melodies out of your head!